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The Importance of a Bear River Renter’s Insurance Policy in Utah

When you live in a rental property your landlord has the responsibility of providing insurance for your apartment or rental home, but almost always that insurance only covers the building itself. Your personal belongings and liability for accidents are your own responsibility. That’s where Bear River renters insurance steps in. If your possessions are damaged or stolen, renters insurance can cover those losses. And if there is an accident or injury in your unit, renters insurance is there to help cover you if you are named in a lawsuit. If you currently live in a rental unit in Utah it is worthwhile to speak with a licensed insurance agent near you about a renters insurance policy available from top insurance brands like Bear River Mutual Insurance. They will be able to assess your needs and come up with the best policy for your situation. 

You work hard for your personal possessions – don’t let renting be a reason that you aren’t fully protected.

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What Is Covered Under A Renter’s Insurance Policy?

renters insurance inside of apartmentInsurance policies are tailored to fit individuals’ needs, as such it is always best to discuss your coverage with a qualified insurance agent to understand your specific coverage, limitations, and exclusions on your renter’s policy, and possibly make amendments if you feel it is inadequate.

The following are the items that are typically covered.


Personal property owned by the renter is covered for loss (theft, damage, destruction) under a Renters Policy, no matter the location. This includes furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, tools, and more. In addition, the personal property of guests in your property may also be covered under your renter’s insurance policy.


If something unexpected happens and the property you live in should become uninhabitable for whatever reason, although the structural repair costs will be covered by your landlord’s policy, your renter’s policy will pay for necessary increases in living expenses, such as having to stay in a hotel.


If someone is injured while visiting your property whether it be an apartment or rental home liability coverage will pay for any costs incurred due to that injury, for example, medical bills or loss of wages. 


There are a number of items that might not be covered under a standard renter’s insurance policy such as debris removal, repairs, trees & shrubs, etc. There is also a lower limit on most items when it comes to renter’s insurance than on a homeowner’s policy. For example, the typical cap on something like jewelry is $2000 so if you have items worth more than that in your apartment you would want to increase your coverage to make sure they are protected. It is best to speak with an experienced insurance agent in Utah to go over the specific coverage details of your policy.

What Does Bear River Renter’s Insurance Protect Against?

renters insurance outside of apartmentA renter’s insurance policy will protect your belongings in the event of most natural disasters and a handful of other situations:

  • Fire
  • Lightning Strike
  • Hail
  • Windstorm Damage 
  • Ice Damage
  • Damage Caused By A Malfunction in the Home, ie. leaking pipe
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Explosion

It is important to be aware that there are some types of natural disasters that are not considered standard and thus not included in basic renter’s insurance policies. These include earthquakes and floods. Optional coverage for these can be added to existing policies at an additional cost. 

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How Much Does Renter’s Insurance Cost in Utah?

Policies will vary based on how much coverage a person requires in their policy, any riders they add on for additional coverage to increase the limits of things such as electronics, jewelry, or collectibles, or if they have additional people covered on their policies. However, the average rate for a standard renter’s insurance policy in Utah is around $12.00 a month. A little lower than the national average of $15.00 a month. An affordable option for peace of mind. 

What Are ‘Additional Interested’ And ‘Additional Insured’ In A Renter’s Insurance Policy?

renters insurance policyAlthough similar sounding, these two terms mean different things. An additional interested party is a person, typically your landlord, who is requesting to be aware of the status of your insurance policy. In other words, your landlord just wants to be aware that you have insurance.

Where additional insured is another person added to your renter’s insurance policy, most specifically under the liability portion of your policy. For example, you could add a roommate’s name to your policy, and if a repairman was bitten by their dog while in your apartment the incidence would be covered by your insurance policy. 

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At Keystone Insurance, your top local insurance agency in Utah, we pride ourselves on the care and compassion we serve our clients with. We are dedicated to making sure they have the best policies possible for their unique circumstances from top insurance brands such as Bear River Mutual Insurance. Whether you are looking for renters insurance, earthquake insurance, auto insurance, or homeowners insurance, we can help. Contact our office today (801) 845-4307 for more information on any of our insurance products, or fill out our online form and get your quote right away.  With agents in Provo, Payson, and Eagle Mountain, you’ll always have a Bear River Mutual renters insurance agent nearby!

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